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The Power of a Decade. We returned to Roosevelt High School in Portland for our 2019 summit, with a looking back/looking forward keynote by Corin Wyatt and Rachel Wente-Chaney, to celebrate the tenth Google Summit. All the presenters slayed—AGAIN— at  #goog19.

Here’s to the next decade!


Doorways. We gathered at Rock Creek Middle School in Happy Valley for our 2017 summit, with a keynote by educator-turned-comedian  Sharon Lacey. Our presenters brought it for #goog17 and we concluded the day with a collaborative poster puzzle of our learning doorways. (Okay, that was kind of lame. Rachel takes the blame. But we laughed a lot.)

Room signs at 2017 summit



The year we broke Google Drive…. We hosted two large venues for the first time in 2015! Thanks to McNary High School (Salem) and Hillsboro High (Hillsboro) for allowing 800 educators from across the state to turn your campuses into Google labs.

2015 summit shirt

Laura Nickerson lifted us off with a keynote that challenged our comfort zones and charted the course for a #goog15 day of flying high, bad puns and all….


Maps. We gathered at Heritage High School in Vancouver for our 2018 summit, with a keynote by the real—and real funny—Kevin Bacon of the Concordia University 3 to PhD Program. Kevin had us laughing alongside him with stories from his own journey into technology and his desire to always find a way to say yes to students. Our presenters were the best in the world—AGAIN— at #goog18.

It was another great year of shared learning.


The year of cardboard, augmented reality (Pokemon Go was the craze), virtual reality, and machine learning…. We hosted two large venues again in 2016! Thanks to McNary High School (Salem) and Roosevelt High (Portland) for allowing 750 educators from across the state to turn your campuses into Google labs.


At McNary, students and Ozobots kicked off the day. And at Roosevelt, Jeff Kurtz kept us laughing with a keynote that set the tone for a fun-filled day at #goog16.
2016 Oregon Summit, featuring Google for Education


Jackson Middle School in Portland welcomed us for the 2014 Summit. In the keynote, Jeremy Macdonald set the tone: “If our environments are always changing, we always need to be learning.” We carried that into our day of learning.

2014 Google Summit


The 2013 Summit was held at Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon. We had an active, crowd-sourced dancing opener.


The 2012 Summit was held at Rock Creek Middle School in Clackamas, Oregon. Tim Lauer, principal at Meriwether Lewis Elementary was the keynote speaker.

Oregon Google Summit 2012


We met at Thurston Elementary school in Springfield, Oregon for the 2011 Summit. It was an embarrassment of riches (keynote speakers) that year. G Doug Bundy, teacher at Raleigh Hills in Beaverton, wowed us with his one-man duet. Julia Stiglitz, Google Education, shared the Google education roadmap, and Paul Nelson challenged us to do great things by doing small things.


The first Google Summit was held at Sherwood High School. Jaime Casap, Google Education, welcomed Oregon as the first state to Go Google.


Google Summit