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The Pacific Northwest Summit, featuring Google for Education, is an annual, educator-led conference. We have learned together the past 12 years in our fast-paced day of collaboration and fun. Each year has its own theme: Legos in 2010, Cookies in 2011, Robots in 2012, Mt. Hood in 2013, Bikes in 2014, Paper Airplanes in 2015; Augmented Reality in 2016, Doorways to Learning in 2017, Maps in 2018, and The Power of a Decade in 2019, Summoning Sasquatch in 2020.

The summit is an annual event on the second Friday of October—statewide in-service day for both Washington and Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost to attend The Pacific Northwest Summit, featuring Google for Education?
Normally, the cost is $50 and ncludes the day of learning, lunch, and event swag. 

What do I need to bring with me to the Google Summit?
It’s a great idea to bring a device. We’re hands-on in most sessions. Bring your best questions. We hope to work your brain extra hard and give you great ideas.

What if I’ve never used Google for Education before?
There is no need for you to have experience with G Suite for Education prior to the day of the Summit. We do ask that you have access to a Google account. This can be the account your school district has set up for you or a personal Google account. To obtain your own Google account please visit this page.

At the Summit, how can I make sure I’m online?
Connect to the guest network. If you have trouble after a few minutes, please see someone in a Summit t-shirt. We’re thankful to our gracious hosts each year, who beef up their wireless network capacity for our event.