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Jeremy Everitt

The Doctopus is In
Jeremy Everitt

Jeremy Everitt

Science Teacher

Jeremy Everitt has been teaching at McNary since 2003. He teaches Biology, Human Systems Biology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology in room 258. He attended Willamette University here in Salem. His hobbies include reading, riding his bicycle, and camping and backpacking.

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Doctopus is a Google Sheets add-on used to manage documents from and deploy to Google Classroom. This session focuses on pulling documents from the Classroom, attaching a rubric, grading, and sending feedback to students.

Session Objectives:

Install necessary Google App extensions.

Set up a rubric for an existing assignment.

Set up Doctopus Assignment Tools for the assignment.

Attach your rubric via Goobric.

Grade stuff and tell your students about it.

If you have a Google Classroom set up already, are familiar with having students turn in work through the Classroom, and use rubrics in your class, this session might be for you.