2020 Pacific Northwest Summit

featuring Google for Education

We are summoning Sasquatch.
It’s been a long year.

Friday, October 9 • 10:00-2:00
and Saturday, October 10 • 10:00-noon

Fully Online

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OETC is a nonprofit consortium of schools, universities and libraries united under the common belief that everyone should have access to the tools for a great education.

As a Google for Education partner, OETC has everything you need for a successful Chromebook rollout.

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(Organizers’ Note: OETC helps keep technology affordable and accessbile for K-12 school districts across the Pacific Northwest. We’re grateful for their work each day.)

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About the summit

The Pacific Northwest Summit, featuring Google for Education, is an annual, educator-led conference. We have learned together the past eight years in our fast-paced day of collaboration and fun. Each year has its own theme: Legos in 2010, Cookies in 2011, Robots in 2012, Mt. Hood in 2013, Bikes in 2014, Paper Airplanes in 2015; Augmented Reality in 2016, Doorways to Learning in 2017, Maps in 2018, and The Power of a Decade in 2019. This year we’re learning about resilience and our connection to both this Pacific Northwest we call home and to each other.

The summit is an annual event on the second Friday of October—in a normal year, statewide in-service day for both Washington and Oregon.


Way back in the grand year 2010, Corin Wyatt said our hashtag for the summit is #goog10. We’ve followed that model each year since. This year, we’ll use  #goog20 on social media. What makes this pretty great is looking back through the tweets and posts for each year separately, including the one year we were trending and have some hashtag spam. It was also the year we broke Google. 😉

This Year’s Organizers (surprise! again!)

This is the eleventh year of the Pacific Northwest Google Summit and we were not planning to kick it off old school with Melissa Lim, Corin Wyatt, and Rachel Wente-Chaney again, but this year had other plans. And Trevor Noah was booked for the high-paying gigs.

We were thinking about taking a year off, because 2020, but instead decided to pull together an informal learning weekend. The fires that raced across our region this month have us yearning for connection, collaboration, and community. We can grieve together our losses and celebrate the resilience and grace that is showing up in powerful ways.

This year’s format is a bit different, with two shorter days and a mix of live webinars, curated resources, and birds of a feather sessions. It’s a good bet that most will focus on the professional practice of teaching and learning in distributed environments, fondly known as Comprehensive Distance Learning. Google Meets has new features, Google Voice is back en vogue, and the steady eddies of docs, calendar, gmail, and classroom are keeping us sane.

In addition to those how-tos, and show-and-tells, we also encourage sessions that are conversations. Topics can include google themes, but we also welcome conversations about COVID, connecting with students in this pandemic year, Black Lives Matter and anti-racism efforts, the new trauma of the September wildfires across the region, or…really any of the issues that impact our professional and personal lives this year.

This Google Summit community has changed our lives for the better, in more ways than we can count. We’re happy to be part of the Oregon leadership team that kicked off and sustained this event for its first decade. We’ll see you October 9.


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