2019 Pacific Northwest Summit

featuring Google in Education

Friday, October 11 • 8:30-3:30

Roosevelt High School, Portland, Oregon

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About the summit

The Pacific Northwest Summit, featuring Google for Education, is an annual, educator-led conference. We have learned together the past eight years in our fast-paced day of collaboration and fun. Each year has its own theme: Legos in 2010, Cookies in 2011, Robots in 2012, Mt. Hood in 2013, Bikes in 2014, Paper Airplanes in 2015; Augmented Reality in 2016, Doorways to Learning in 2017, Maps in 2018. This year we’re wondering about what’s next as we finish our first decade.

The summit is an annual event on the second Friday of October—statewide in-service day for both Washington and Oregon.


Way back in the grand year 2010, Corin Wyatt said our hashtag for the summit is #goog10. We’ve followed that model each year since. This year, we’ll use  #goog19 on social media. What makes this pretty great is looking back through the tweets and posts for each year separately, including the one year we were trending and have some hashtag spam. It was also the year we broke Google. 😉

Keynote Speaker &

Featured Presenters

This is the tenth year of the Pacific Northwest Google Summit and we’re going to kick it off old school, with Corin Wyatt and Rachel Wente-Chaney, who were there at the very beginning.

We’ll celebrate the learning we’ve shared, challenge our thinking about technology in our classrooms, and start the rocket launch countdown for the second decade of our PNW education community collaborative work.

This Google Summit community has changed our lives for the better, in more ways than we can count. We’re happy to be part of the Oregon leadership team that kicked off and sustained this event for its first decade. And we’re excited to see what’s next!


Debra Hernanz

As a classroom teacher Debra always had a passion for blending technology with instruction to engage and empower children. Debra decided to expand this role and include supporting teachers on how they could do the same for their students. Debra is currently an EdTech TOSA at Evergreen school district where she works with teachers on their own EdTech journeys in the classroom.  In her spare time Debra loves to travel, golf and cook (especially baking).

Tavia Clark

Tavia is an EdTech TOSA for Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, WA where she works with educators and students to help guide and integrate technology into instruction to create meaningful learning experiences. Prior to working for EPS, she served as a Digital Learning Coach at The Friday Institute at NC State University. Her work at FI primarily focused on providing innovative professional learning experiences and coaching for K-12 educators. She was previously a school librarian for eight years and a high school English teacher for five years. Through her work, Tavia hopes to teach, inspire, and empower educators and help them to design innovative learning experiences for their students. She holds a B.A. in English/Secondary Education from UNC-Wilmington and a Master’s of Library Science from East Carolina University.

John Zingale

John Zingale teaches social studies at Vancouver iTech Preparatory in the Vancouver School District. At iTech, he specializes in integrating PBL and S.T.E.M. into the middle school curriculum. John is the 2017 Washington State Governor’s Award Winner for Excellence in History, a Google Certified Innovator #WDC17, a Google Geo Educator #CAGTI, founder of the HiPstory Network and EdcampSwWA, and the Past-President of the Oregon Council for the Social Studies. Additionally, he is a loving husband and father. His different hobbies including exploring tech including AR/VR, hiking, photography, and traveling. An ardent outdoorsman, he not only climbs Mount St. Helens, but also uses the climb as a staff bonding experience.

Colleen Henry

Colleen Henry is the principal of Sweet Home Junior High School in Sweet Home, Oregon. She also serves as the Sweet Home School District’s Coordinator for Instructional Technology.

Nora Trentacoste

Nora Trentacoste is a Google Certified Educator and has been working with school districts and colleges in North America to support diverse student learning objectives for nearly 20 years. She has a background in ESL and supports family members with disabilities, bringing the need for equity into sharp focus. She enjoys swimming, reading, cooking and native plant restoration.

Matt Hurst

Matt Hurst supports teachers in designing engaging, inquiry based learning experiences for students.

He is currently a middle school instructional mentor (TOSA) at Whiteaker Middle School (Keizer, OR).  Before his role as a mentor, he taught Language Arts, ELD, iLearn (iPad Elective) & Video Production.  He is a Google Innovator, Raspberry Pi Certified, LearnZillion DreamTeamer, and is currently serving on the advisory board for Remind.com.


Matt Rosenberg

Matt is the Technology Integration Specialist for the Portland Jewish Academy. The school is 1:1 Chromebook enviornment for third through eighth grades. Matt is a Google Certified Educator. He is in his sixth year at PJA. Prior to this job Matt was taught US and World History at La Jolla High School in San Diego. 

Jennifer Stanislaw

Jennifer is not your typical teacher! She is a Paramedic turned CTE Teacher and currently co-leads the West Salem HS  Emergency Services Program, the first High School based EMT program for the Salem-Keizer School District and one of the first in the state. There she was introduced to Google Classroom, where it helped her learn the art of classroom management in the high school setting. She is a Google Certified Educator Level 2, and her Professional Growth Goal is to become a Google Certified Trainer

Regular and Lightning Sessions

Our day is stacked with regular sessions that are 75 minutes each and lightning sessions that are 30 minutes each. This allows us to offer both in-depth how-tos and shorter-format idea sessions.


This is an active conference. Bring a device! Our session facilitators guide us through building sessions on topics like HyperDocs, Google Classroom, admin console automation, and more.

We’re Mobile Friendly

With the exception of a few laptop-specific functions in Sheets, our sessions play well on tablets and phones. Bring the device you use most in your classroom (or workflow).

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